25 Mind-blowing and Knockout Cooking Hacks of all Times

cooking hacks all times

A collection of the best cooking hacks of all times found on the internet. These tips will make cooking and food prep so much easier. Sometimes, you just need the extra idea for improving your skills to the next level. All these little known cooking hacks help you to save time and much hassle. Let’s start:

1. Quick Marinading Fish Hack:

If you are short on prep time to do your favorite fish, but still like to infuse flavor to it: Two healthy and fast flavor enhancer seasoning ideas:

Rub the fish with some olive oil, lemon, pepper, and salt or use sweet chili, soy, white wine, capers, and lemon.

2. Marinade Pork/Beef overnight Hack:

Do not put spices alone onto the pork/beef at there is no time for the flavor molecules to penetrate deeply into the meat. Instead, dry brine (or pre-salt) the meat beforehand. Rub the salt and seasoning directly all over the meat (not too much) and let it sit overnight. The meat will give out a great flavor of taste.

3. Reheat Pizza in Skillet Hack:

If you bought a pizza, but do not have an oven to reheat the left-overs the next day:

  • Put the cold pizza in a non-stick skillet
  • Set the stove to “medium-low” heat
  • Cook for 2-3 minutes until the bottom is very crispy
  • Set the stove heat to “low”
  • Add 2-3 drops of water away from the pizza (the bottom of the pizza cannot get wet)
  • Cover the skillet with a lid
  • Let one minute steam for the cheese to melt
  • Now you have a crispy bottom with melted cheese on top

4. Boiled Water Spill hack

In case the water starts foaming and acting up on you while boiling some food, add 2 – 3 tablespoon of olive oil into the boiling water. It will make the water stop from overflowing in an instant.

5. Don’t throw away Broccoli Stems Hack

cooking hacks broccoli

The broccoli stems are most of the time thrown away, but the stems have a lot of nutrients. Do not waste them and reuse:

Run the stems through a kitchen spiralizer to make them curly and small. Now you can either boil them in hot water or add them to your pasta cooking water. The flavor of pasta and broccoli combines very well

6. Peel off boiled eggs shell hack

It is quite simple, let the egg completely cool off before trying to peel the egg.

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7. Cut an onion teardrop-free Hack

The outer layer of the onion has a substance called Allicin. Once cut, it reacts with the air causing our eyes to tear. Use a very sharp knife to cut the onion as the chemical reaction is so low that you will not feel any effect. Sharpen your knife with a grindstone before onion cutting.

8. Remove excessive fat/oil from hot soup or stew

Because we all like to live healthy, excessive fat or oil inside a soup or stew is not the way we would like to eat a healthy meal. There is one very simple solution of how to bring fat inside a soup to the surface. Use a tong to put an ice cube on top of the surface. Hence, at some point, the swimming fat will surface for easy removal by a spoon.

9. Cheese Grater Broken Hack

cooking hacks cheese grater

Another one of our favorite cooking hacks is when the cheese grater is broken, simply using a fruit peeler instead.

10. Avoid oil splattering all over the stove (Bacon)

Add a very thin layer of water into a skillet where you like to prepare your bacon. The extra water will prevent hot oil from splattering all over. Furthermore, the bacon becomes more crispy without any black burning on the bottom side.

11. Cook a whole Chicken/Turkey Hack

As dark meat always takes much longer to cook as white meat, it becomes quite a challenge to get everything evenly done at the same time. Generally, avoiding this is to keep the wings and breasts, which are white meat, at a cooler temperature as the dark meat. Accordingly to many great kitchen Chefs, put the white parts on ice and leave the dark meat on room temperature for some time. This will do the trick.

12. Butter Harden & Soften Hack

For butter to harden very quickly, place the soft butter with the packaging in a bowl filled with some water and a lot of ice cubes. The butter will harden very quick.

Contrary, for the butter to soften quicker, cut the butter into smaller pieces. The surrounding temperature makes it easier to soften the butter.

13. Perfect way to get a crispy Taco shell Hack

cooking hacks taco

Taco shells or better known as tortillas are thin bread-like and made out of corn or wheat. The taco is normally filled with various kind of toppings eaten by hand. In many supermarkets ready-made taco shells are available for purchase. Surprisingly, the tricky part of making the taco shell crispy and round-shaped to add the fillings, it is quite a challenge.

From our experience, the best way to get the perfect taco is to bend the taco shells over the oven rack. Shortly, the taco will become very crunchy and crispy from all sides. When the taco is ready, simply remove them from the oven, let them cool off and add the filling into it.

14. Barbecue Salmon without being sticky Hack

Well, we all know about this that fish in general loves to stick to the grill. Once it is time, to flip over the salmon it becomes a complete mess. In general to avoid this sticking to the grill issue, barbecue the fish over sliced lemon. This has two great advantages: First, the salmon gets a great lemon fusion taste, and secondly no more sticking.

15. Make a Crispy Roast Crust extra thick Hack

A crispy roast’s signature is a thick crunchy crust. Under normal circumstances just preparing the roast in the oven is not enough. A simple hack makes the crust double or triple as thick as it normally would had been:

  • With a knife pierce many holes into the skin
  • Avoid piercing the meat
  • Now mix salt and vinegar
  • Rub the mixture of salt and vinegar evenly over the skin
  • Leave it overnight in the fridge for the skin to fully absorb the salt/vinegar
  • Lastly, in the morning, rub the skin again with the salt/vinegar mix before putting the roast into the oven
  • The crispy roast crust will be at least 3-5cm thicker as normal

16. Another Taco Hack

cooking hacks taco fork

Earlier, I have talked about how to get the taco shell very crispy and bend it to add fillings with ease. Well, after having a well formed crispy taco shell, the next problem pops up. Due to the shape of a traditional taco, it is difficult to keep it upright to add fillings into the taco.

To keep the taco upright and prevent it from falling sideways, simple stick a fork into the lower part of the taco shell. The Taco will stay in an upright position with ease and the filling can be added without hassle.

17. Get water boiling more quickly Hack

Another great one in our cooking hacks section is to get water boiling more quickly. I am not refering to use a kettle, but doing the water boiling in a pot for pasta, eggs or other food cooking. Normally the water boiling start right on the edge of the pot. This causes the water closer to the pot edges to heat up more as the water on the interior side further away from the edge.

  • With a wooden spoon swirl the water
  • Once the water swirling stops, to it again and again
  • This technique makes the heat faster distributed equally throughout the water.

18. Waffle Iron Hacks

A waffle iron is a multi-functional tool not only for making waffles. Here are some other foods that you can make with a waffle iron:

  • Bacon: Place the bacon into the waffle iron and pour batter (flours with water, eggs) over it. Let the waffle iron do its magic to cook a slice of very crispy bacon for you.
  • Hash Browns: Shred the potatoes and add all your favorite spices into it. After the preparation is done, pour the hash brown base into the waffle iron and let it cook. Once you open the waffle iron, nice golden hash browns in waffle-shape are ready to eat
  • Scrambled Eggs: Yes, a waffle iron is also very suitable to make scrambled eggs. Pour your egg mixture with your favorite ingredients into the iron and let it cook to perfection.

19. Freeze Fresh Herbs in Olive Oil Hack

Many times, the herbs you buy for cooking are far more as needed. 95% of the unused herbs land straight in the trash bin. Hold on, there is a very smart way to store them for later reuse. Add the herbs into an ice cube tray and pour olive oil over it. As soon as the herbs with the olive oil are frozen, repack them into an airtight zip-lock bags for later use. In summary, you will never waste any fresh herbs anymore!

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20. Always have white potato Hack

Due to the release of starch, a potato can turn black or grey in an instance. It does not look very appealing, especially if guests are over for dinner. To prevent the release of the starch, rinse off the potatoes with cold water. As a result, the potatoes will stay white and look quite delicious to eat.

21. Wow your guest with the Golden Eggs Hack

cooking hacks golden eggs

I am quite confident that many of you have never heard of a golden egg. Certainly, it is easier to do as you might think. As a matter of fact, shake a regular egg for 3-4 minutes before boiling it. Due to the vigorously shaking, the egg whites and yolk will mix eventually on the inside. Now, you can place the egg into boiling water and wait for around 7-10 minutes depending on how you like to have your perfect boiled egg done.

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22. Make use of food leftovers Hack

Food leftovers do land into the trash bin most of the time. However, many kinds of food can be refrigerated for up to 10 days without going bad. If you have mixed vegetables or meat, mix them with your newly cooked food. It can give your dishes a new kick!

23. Cook spaghetti in a skillet Hack

Cooking spaghetti in a skillet has two advantages: Firstly, you need significantly less water and therefore less energy. Secondly, the spaghetti are completely inside the water right from the start.

24. Heat milk without boiling over Hack

As usual, milk rises when the boiling process starts in a pot. Very quickly the milk is boiling over the pot and the mess on the stove is very visible. As the milk and kitchen stove is very hot, cleaning is no option. You need to wait until everything cools down before cleaning the kitchen stove. Given these points, place a small plate upside down on the bottom of the pot before adding the milk to the pot. This will prevent the milk from boiling over.

25. Cook Rice always to the point Hack

This one cooking hack works with all different kind of rice as well as different amounts:

  • Add rice to the pot as you need
  • Make sure the rice surface is even
  • Fill up with water to the first phalanx (first ring) of the index finger
  • Bring water to boil
  • Once the water is boiling, put on low heat for 15 minutes
  • Never stir the rice as it will break the grain shell and the rice will become sticky.

The index finger hack is quite a thing and comes from native Indians in America. As you know, every person has a different size of an index finger, but regardless of the size the above instructions always work when cooking rice. Don’t ask why, but it works.


I hope you have enjoyed our first part of our cooking hacks series. In case you have some other great cooking hacks, please share them via the comment form

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