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Are the beards the make-up of men? No doubt, there were times where beards are seen as unfashionable and ugly. However, even US actor George Clooney knows: My beard looks good on me and to shave my beard the right way is a must to stay handsome

A beard needs special care and our ultimate beard trimming tips will show you how to either get back in shape or maintenance a good appearance at all times. Remember to always stay handsome and NEVER let the beard get shaggy and unkempt. Here are some of the most useful beard grooming tips for beginners:

Shave my beard: DRY VS WET SHAVING?

Right at the start to shave my beard, these questions might pop right into your mind of how to get started: Should I do a wet shave or rather opt for a dry shave of the beard. It does not matter that much as your personal reference is more important as anything else.

The advantage of a dry shave is that the skin is not irritated as much as during wet shaving. Also, the razor blades tend to last much longer when doing a dry shave. On the other hand, the wet shaving is more in detail and lasts much longer.

Shave my beard Tip 1: DRY SHAVING

With dry shaving there is no need to have any water or shaving foam included. As the word “dry” already tells, you can use only a good electric shaver or a hair cutting scissor to shave my beard hairs.

As I have earlier said, the dry shaving does not produce a long-lasting result as the hairs are not cut close to the skin. Therefore, a quicker regrowth is unavoidable. The best, easiest and most uncomplicated method is to use an electric beard trimmer. Do the shaving before showering or washing your face.

How to dry shave my beard with an electric beard trimmer

Before you jump into doing the dry shaving, please be aware that a good beard trimmer with the right Feather blades is a MUST. In case you still have an old age version of a razor, please do yourself a big favor and get a new one. The old razors tend to tangle a lot making the whole beard look like a wild jungle.

  1. In case your beard is wet for some reason, dab the beard with a towel until the hairs are completely dry.
  2. Use a hair comb to loosen the beard hair, so the hair falls into one direction (it makes it easier for shaving)
  3. Choose the correct shaver setting. Normally it ranges from number 3-5, but choose the one that you personally prefer.
  4. Turn on the shaver and evenly move over the hair. Do not put too much pressure onto the shaver as the result might become uneven. Remember, that the shaving result should look even, like a freshly cut lawn.
  5. The best is to start from the bottom to top as your hands will not come into your way when trying to do the opposite. Bottom to top means you have free viability on the beard and can trim more in detail. Makes sense, right?
  6. Finally, rub all the loose hair from your beard and you are all set to go.


ADVANTAGE OF DRY SHAVING: Fever Nicks and Cuts & less Skin Irritation

Shave my beard Tip 2: WET SHAVING

To do a wet shaving of your beard is way more complicated as skin irritation causing itching can quickly occur. As the beard hair needs to be wet, it is highly recommended to do the shaving either after taking a shower or washing your face. In case you want to do it during the day, it is best to use fresh water from the sink to moisten the beard hair very well. Here some quick tips to shave my beard using the wet trimming technique:

  1. Moisten the beard hair very well before you start
  2. Use a hair comb to loosen the beard hair, so the hair falls into one direction (it makes it easier for shaving)
  3. Apply evenly the shaving cream over your beard by either using your hand or a shaving brush
  4. Let the foam absorb very well into the beard hairs. Therefore, I recommend to wait around 3-5 minutes before starting to shave.
  5. Make sure that your Feather blades are sharp. Undeniably, a dull razor will not do any good.
  6. Slowly slide the razor over the beard hair with a slight pressure in the direction of the hair growth. After all, this technique prevents irritation of the skin.
  7. Rinse off the remaining razor foam with clear water
  8. Apply After-Shave or Facial Moisturizing if you need to. This is optional, but will help the skin to relax


ADVANTAGE OF WET SHAVING: A Better & Longer Lasting Shaving Result

Summary of beard grooming tips for beginners:

In short, the final decision of what techniques you prefer is completely up to you. Both dry shaving and wet shaving have their advantages and disadvantages. Choose what is best for you. I hope you have enjoyed reading our beard trimming tips.

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